Dreams – A Honey Trap ??

      Your 17 and you feel the world is yours to change. You see a plethora of opportunities and feel an urge to contribute. And, so in between your academics and life you get stuck with the idea of ‘CHANGING THE WORLD.’ Sadly these individuals, although talented and determined to be that difference are often delusional. Delusional because that idea should be a peripheral focus in your life. Delusional because you think too far ahead. Delusional because maybe you will end up changing everything, but for the time being you have not even known and explored the world. Therefore it is my view that dreaming about changing something is not bad, but at the same time it can be a honey trap, a trap that sometimes makes you but mostly breaks you.

     I believe in the idea of PON (not what you dirty minded people are thinking), but rather The Power of Now. I too dream and the problem was until a few weeks back I was only dreaming. But, thanks to someone I snapped out of that trap. That someone told me that you won’t get anywhere because you’re just a dreamer. After much contemplation though I realized the essence of what he/she was trying to tell me. Not to forgo a dream but not get woven into it that you don’t concentrate on anything else. I argued that it is not wrong to think that you will be the next one in a million to change things around. I said that you need to have that fire in your belly to be the change and make the change.

   But, that one conversation changed my outlook. I was told two things. Firstly that do not dream about changing things. If you want to be that one in a million then first acquire a million different outlooks toward things, have the fire in your belly not to change things but have that same intensity to follow your passion no matter what. You then just might become that ‘ONE’ you were dreaming to be. To me at least this outlook makes complete sense. Think about your future but not too far ahead. Although hard, we should learn to just go with the flow. We might be the next world beaters and leaders of this ever progressing world, but I think a more pragmatic approach will help us all get where we want to.

  I have met different types of people so far. Some who openly tell me about their future aspirations and some who don’t do so easily. The latter are afraid that their aspirations might not come true, while the dreamers definitely believe in what they are doing. The case can be made both ways, and both sides of the argument can be supported and argued for. But, I am personally for dreaming but dreaming short term and hopefully at the end of these many short term dreams, I can reach my ultimate dream or goal. Please comment as to what you think the best choice is. Until then I will Keep Painting A Different Picture.

Gautam Suresh.


The American Dream……….Well It Could Have Been The Indian Dream

17 billion dollars by no means is a small amount. Well, you might be surprised to hear that 17 billion dollars is approximately the amount the Indian Government would have saved if Indian students had not gone abroad to study but had chosen to pursue their education in India. Make no mistake, I am writing this blog to argue against the mediums of education abroad, rather I just want to highlight the loopholes in the current Indian education system which could be rectified if a few questions were to be asked by us, the students. What saddens me the most is that there is a sort of acceptance among students to study everything without questioning if what they are doing is actually challenging them or not.

In my first blog I did talk about the key components missing in the education system not only in our country but to certain extent in other countries as well. Lack of creativity and multi-dimensional thinking continue to plague our education system. I know for a fact that the various education boards in India all have an approach to learning that has its own benefits but also a lot of drawbacks. For a country with almost 60-65% of its population below the age of 25, the government could suffer a lot. India needs to be the global magnet, attracting students instead of sending students. The consequences of improving the system would be immense right from an immediate increase in the economic revenue of the country to the global exposure that our students as well as the expatriate students would get.

The education system of today seems to be catering to the rising demands of industrialization. Schools and colleges are just content to produce students. They effectively play the roles of factories. We do not need such a type of education system in place. We need something in place that is going to produce the next generation of innovators, engineers and world beaters. The people who will make a real difference and lead responsibly.

So, on taking a closer look at the Indian education system, we see that there is a lot that needs to be changed. It is not possible to bring these changes in secondary school or high school. A shake up has to be done from the base with regard to primary education and a holistic development approach should be adopted by schools. This is essential. Classes have to be made more interactive and discussions involving everyone should be conducted. Rote learning is another problem that characterizes the Indian Boards. While it is impossible to have a complete education without memory based learning, as much as possible, memory based learning should be made a peripheral part of the education system. It doesn’t challenge the mind to think more and instantly we are stuck in a box. We are confined in our thoughts and there is no variety of thoughts. As I have said, these are just few of the many problems that our country seems to be facing on the education front

For every problem, there is bound to be a solution. It all comes down to the speed with which the government will act. An important reason for many Indians choosing to study abroad is the lack of good institutions in India and growing competition for limited seats in the existing universities in India. Very few universities in India provide a good quality education and thus the challenge of securing admission in them becomes more daunting every year. Also reservation is a big problem faced by students in India.

There seems to be no surprise in the drastic increase of students going abroad to study. With a better system and better infrastructure in place we can also reach new heights. You might call me a hypocrite for crying out against the education system when I myself am planning to go and study abroad. However, should there be a change in the education system in the future, I don’t think anyone will think twice before deciding to stay back. So, I leave you with this very thought. If you think I a wrong in some place then place read, reflect and react to it without fear. I will continue to paint a different picture in each of my blogs.

Enemies- Can’t live with them/ Can’t live without them

However odd it may sound when I say this, I think enemies and critics are extremely instrumental in a person’s life. There is no doubt that friends are always there for us through thick and thin and help us no matter what the situation is. Friends can be trusted upon and called upon whenever required. Friends are like precious gems. A great man once said, “if you had to choose between a sum of 10 million roubles or 10 good friends, you should be wise enough to choose the friends.” However, even though I think that friends are extremely important, one should not overlook the vital role played played by enemies in the fine- tuning of our characters.

Enemies are often misconstrued by individuals. In this world today, it is impossible to live without enemies. Some people may like you, some might not and that is pretty much how the world functions. The true character of a person is determined by his ability to channel all the criticism he gets from his detractors into something positive. We may not realize, but enemies do something that friends do not, they handpick our faults and place it in front of us. It is up to us to either benefit from their kindness or misunderstand it and engage in an unnecessary argument. From what I have seen, the latter seem to be the preferred choice among individuals, which saddens me greatly.

Nobody in this word is perfect. It is impossible to live a ‘perfect’ life. Although we might have a hundred good qualities in us, people will still try to criticize us for what we do not have. My advice to people would be to wholeheartedly take their so called ‘enemies’ advice and try to implement their criticism in their respective lives. There will definitely be a change, a positive change, because by listening to your critic you have not only buried the hatchet with him, but have also effectively won over a thousand different individuals who might  have similar complaints against you. Thus, I would like to end my  blog by saying that enemies are indeed unique- ‘We Can’t Live With Them, We Can’t Live Without Them.’

Till then, stay updated with my latest posts as I Keep Painting A Different Picture every time and like always Read, Reflect and React to it.

Introduction- Think….But Preferably Out Of The Box

Are you one of those souls who is going to finish what you have started? Do you think you are different from the rest? If that’s the case, I sincerely hope that you go on and finish reading my entire blog. Although I may have sounded eerily similar to a college admission officer in my opening lines, in retrospect, I think that is what characterizes my blog best. ( also this is my first blog and I need people to read it).

Thinking out of the box has almost become an art in this modern day and age. People today are afraid to think differently and voice out their opinions. Thinking differently is not that taxing at all. Unfortunately, the problem facing us today is something different. It seems that the modern education system is curtailing, and to a certain extent killing curiosity and imagination. The didactic teaching methods have led to individuals being confined in a box. There is no lateral thinking taking place and this is hurting firms as well as countries as a whole in different ways.

Education is definitely not the only reason for the problem. There are various other factors to be taken into account, right from rapid technological advancement to industrialization, but since this is just the introduction it will not be possible to post my views on these problems in this blog itself.

Therefore, I would like to leave you here saying that even I am not the right person to say that I know what thinking out of the box truly means, but I do have certain views which differ from the general opinion of the masses. I will Keep Painting A Different Picture every time. Stay updated with my every post and read, reflect and react to it without fear.